Hamilton Fisheries

Hamilton Fisheries is a new commercial seafood processing facility located in Florida City dedicated to the processing of Stone Crab.

STA Architectural Group was commissioned to provide a study in the replacement of the existing fishery, built in 1919, which no longer was allowed to process food under the USDA due to it’s conditions. The office performed several studies reviewing reuse of the existing shell vs. new construction, before settling with ownership on construction of a new facility.

As the off-season for stone crab is only 6 months, design and permitting had to be completed prior to the close of the current season, with construction to start immediately when the season ended. To assist in the rapid fabrication, a methodology of utilizing a prefabricated steel structure married to a tradition block construction building was proposed. Design required coordination with the USDA, the Army Corps of Engineers (as a portion of the structure is over protected national park waters), and the local building officials in a town with a population of less than 1,000. The last new commercial structure had been built almost 10 years prior, and all materials had to be brought in from outside the municipality.

The fishery entered full production output during the 2013-2014 Stone Crab season, having received it’s C.O. only a week prior. Bryce served as the Project Manager during design and construction, and designed the southern dock aesthetic reflected in the materials facade.


208 Camelia St, Everglades City, FL 34139


$350,000 +

Market Sector:

Food Service