Category: Preservation & Restoration

  • The Lynmar

    The Lynmar

    The Lynmar is a contributing historic Deco building in the Miami Beach Historic District. Permitted months before the stock market crash of 1929, it was not constructed until the mid 1930’s when it was opened as a hotel. When opened it shared the block with only one other building and had a clear view of […]

  • Horry County Museum

    Horry County Museum

    Horry County Museum is the local historical society museum in Conway, South Carolina. The museum was searching for a new home to house it’s expanding collections when the Burroughs School building was acquired from the local school board. The building has been on the National Register since 1984, having been built in 1905. The program […]

  • Casa Marina Hotel

    Casa Marina Hotel

    Flagler’s original hotel at the end of his railroad in Key West, The Casa Marina Hotel was opened on new years eve 1920, shortly after Henry Flagler’s death. It cemented Key West’s designation as a vacation location for the United States free from the cold, and with the most modern amenities of the time including […]

  • The Andrew Low House

    The Andrew Low House

    The Andrew Low House was the location where the Girl Scouts of America was founded in 1912 in Savannah, GA. It was designated for preservation as a National Historic Treasure in the early 2000’s and funding was allocated via a grant in 2006 from the library of congress. the building is owned by the Daughters […]