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May 2020 Miami Storms
The Historic Architecture of Minneapolis
Miami Sunset
random numbers

Raspberry Pi & Random Number Generation

You cannot have good encryption without random numbers, but few people realize the Raspberry Pi (all versions) have a random number generator right on their silicon. Unfortunately, the Raspberry Pi OS's do not utilize it without a set of tools ...

Security Setup & Hardening of Raspberry Pi OS {Buster}

So you got a new Raspberry Pi, and after some tinkering, like many others, you've decided you want to take the plunge into self hosting something. And why not? The Pi is a powerful computer and a very able small scale server with nearly endless use ...

Miami River Sunset – June 6th 2020

https://vimeo.com/429514897 Miami River Sunset looking north from Downtown Miami.Shot in a time-lapse of photos using CHDK on a Cannon powershot and animated using ...

How you know you work in a Miami Office

Cafe Con Leche at Wolfberg Alvarez & Partners, Inc. You know you work for a Miami company when the entire office stops at 3:05 post lunch for Cafecito. The British with their tea would be proud of how civilized we ...