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The historic architecture of Minneapolis
Miami Sunset
Panoramic of downtown Miami skyline at night on the full moon of 05/22/2016

Miami Full Moon Panoramic

Taken on the June 2016 full moon with an iPhone 6 in panoramic mode with no Photoshop

The JFK TWA Terminal

Curbed New York has a great photo essay up this morning on Eero Saarinen's jet-age flight center at JFK Airport. It's been closed for years but has remained perfectly preserved for most of that time, reflecting a golden age of flight where the ...

The Ludlam Trail and the disappearing greenways of Miami

If Miamians are being really honest with themselves (so, rarely), they would admit out loud that we take nature for granted down here in a way that would shock everyone above the frost line who waits with anticipation for the first warm spring day ...

Downtown Miami Skyline at night

When the city isn’t owned by locals anymore

  This week the venerable New York Times published a new series aimed at exploring the buyers behind major condo buildings in New York.  To New Yorker's; Welcome to what Miami has been living for the better part of a decade already. Miami ...