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Full Moon Rising Timelapse
The Historic Architecture of Minneapolis
Miami Sunset

How you know you work in a Miami Office

Cafe Con Leche at Wolfberg Alvarez & Partners, Inc. You know you work for a Miami company when the entire office stops post lunch for Café con leche. The British with their tea would be proud of how civilized we ...

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma visited downtown Miami on 9/10/2017, and the view from the 30th floor was spectacular. Here's a Before and During of the Storm Here's an additional compilation of timelapses from other vantage points in the ...

Panoramic of downtown Miami skyline at night on the full moon of 05/22/2016

Miami Full Moon Panoramic

Taken on the June 2016 full moon with an iPhone 6 in panoramic mode with no Photoshop

The JFK TWA Terminal

The TWA Flight Center by Eero Saarinen Curbed New York has a great photo essay up this morning on Eero Saarinen's jet-age flight center at JFK Airport. It's been closed for years but has remained perfectly preserved for most of that time, ...