Horry County Museum

Horry County Museum is the local historical society museum in Conway, South Carolina. The museum was searching for a new home to house it’s expanding collections when the Burroughs School building was acquired from the local school board. The building has been on the National Register since 1984, having been built in 1905.

The program called for a complete preservation of the historic shell, including contaminant remediation and reconstruction of damaged detailing. Inside, the program required a facility to American Alliance of Museum and Smithsonian standards to house traveling Smithsonian exhibits.

When Bryce joined a new firm in 2008, the firm had already been retained as the new designer and preservation team for the building. He joined the design team in 2010 as the new Project Manager and shepherded the project through two rounds of VE and revised permitting, as well as re-bidding and early CA. He was also given design freedom in the public and office areas, designing a vintage inspired ticket booth and modern office facilities in the back of house.

The project completed construction and opened to the public in 2014, being featured on a discovery channel show for it’s unique grand stair fish tank.Bryce and his office where notable for their successful preservation of the majority of the historic fabric, which included reclaiming the historic wood flooring, locating and installing replicas of the 1920’s lighting, and restoration of a majority of the horse-hair plaster original interior partitions.


805 Main St, Conway, SC 29526



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