The Lynmar

The Lynmar is a contributing historic Deco building in the Miami Beach Historic District. Permitted months before the stock market crash of 1929, it was not constructed until the mid 1930’s when it was opened as a hotel. When opened it shared the block with only one other building and had a clear view of the ocean. The building fell into disrepair and had been converted to Section 8 housing by the mid 1990’s. It was purchased by a developer in 2013 and STA Architectural Group was retained to perform a complete renovation.

Given the building’s deffered maintenance, the core structure of wood members had rotted away, leaving a dangerous condition that needed to be addressed. The building had also been illegally modified and was over floor area ration in an ineffective way that produced little additional marketable square footage. The historic front and rear facades where braced, and the rest of the building rebuilt with a new footprint from the ground up. This allowed for a modern hydrostatic slab to be installed and a partial 3rd floor space with the potential for a green roof.

The completed building added white box commercial square footage to the up and coming Collins Ave shopping district on the beach, and the property was sold shortly after CO was achieved in 2016.

Bryce started out as the Project Manager overseeing staff producing the building, but as the historic conditions issues and costs increased, Bryce moved into the position of daily project management and production, handling permitting and CA to ensure the project was completed. He also handled several rounds of VE activities to control the budget, and interfaced with potential tenants on behalf of the client while representing STA Architectural Group.


735 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139



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